Sustainable Valentine’s Day Floral Magic

Celebrate a Sustainable Valentine's Day in 2022 At Earth Within Flowers, we love the floral magic of Valentine's Day. Indulging in the language of flowers is central to our floristry practice and we love seeing everyone use this special language to share their love and adoration. You can use sustainable flowers and herbs to say [...]

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Floral Magic2022-02-09T11:54:39-07:00

Celebrate the Fall Equinox with Magical Herbs

Celebrating transition and harvest with Fall Equinox herbs Our long summer nights are fading into cool autumn evenings as the equinox quickly approaches. The equinox gives balance to our world as Earth begins to slumber. On this day the wild freedom of summer and the pensive reflection of winter coverge together, inviting transition and transformation. [...]

Celebrate the Fall Equinox with Magical Herbs2021-09-14T16:29:45-06:00

The Importance of Plant Wisdom for Girls

Sharing plant wisdom with Missoula's girls Plant wisdom and holistic health have always been at the center of Earth Within Flowers. In our designs, we focus on weaving together stories and nurturing relationships through the magic and language of flowers. We love working with our clients on designing their dream wedding with these practices in [...]

The Importance of Plant Wisdom for Girls2021-08-31T17:14:55-06:00

Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity

Support your lungs & breath with herbs Summer in Montana can mean wildfires and smoke. In the past few weeks, we have experienced this smoke in Montana, making it hard to get a day's reprieve or a full breath of clear air. Often, this means many of us may travel elsewhere for some outdoor time [...]

Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity2021-09-10T06:22:32-06:00

Montana Spring Wildflowers: Our Favorite Missoula Hikes to See Spring

Finding joy with Montana spring wildflowers There's no shortage of beauty around Missoula. During this time of year, we love getting outside to see the blooming Montana spring wildflowers. The beginning of the spring seasons means new growth and transformation, not just in us, but also in the landscape. Now, we'll start to see the [...]

Montana Spring Wildflowers: Our Favorite Missoula Hikes to See Spring2021-04-07T12:03:21-06:00

Spring Detox Herbs: Renewal in the Season of Growth

Use spring detox herbs to find clarity moving forward We've cycled around the sun once since the pandemic first started. Our lives look different now out of the abundance of care and caution we take to protect our neighbors and ourselves. Throughout the year, though, we've centered ourselves using herbal magic and the language of [...]

Spring Detox Herbs: Renewal in the Season of Growth2021-03-22T13:52:00-06:00


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