We love floral wedding arches

Clients often come to us with big floral dreams, which often include a stunning floral wedding arch. Floral wedding arches provide a stunning backdrop for wedding vows and are the perfect photo op for newlyweds on their big day.


Just like with other wedding flowers, a couple’s wedding arch should symbolize their love for each other through the language of flowers. Even the shape of arches have meaning. According to Delamere Manor, a curved arch represents a couple’s new life together and a square arch represents stability in a couple’s relationships.

Earth Within Flowers Lead Designer and Owner Melissa Lafontaine has worked on a variety of wedding arches, each imbued with the special Earth Within touch. Our studio’s focus on the natural rhythm of nature is easy to spot in our floral wedding arches.

Pillar Arch

A pillar arch is a stunning modern arch style, which features two “pillars” of gorgeous blooms and greenery. These arches look best when they fit into the natural landscape, especially when the backdrop is as beautiful as Montana’s mountains!

To construct a pillar arch, we use two wooden dowels wrapped in chicken wire, held in place with a stake. Installations like these can be more difficult to craft using eco-friendly materials, but it’s important to think sustainably when building any floral structure.

Pillar arches should pop with local wildflowers and a tame-but-wild feel. We love the arch from Amanda and Mike’s wedding, because it’s a perfect example of a stunning focal piece for the wedding that won’t overshadow the bride and groom.

Ground Garden

Ground Garden | Pinecone Photography

Ground Gardens are understated arches that literally “grow” from the ground. The simple beauty of a ground garden makes it perfect for any event. With this style of arch, we take inspiration from nature’s movement and poetry so the floral installation can fit the landscape, but also stand out.

To make a ground garden, we use a series of low waterproof containers secured to the ground with chicken wire. Then, we add the greenery and flowers.

The arch above is both classic and romantic with a fairy tale touch.

Structure Arch with Ground Pieces

Structured Arch | Ryan Sin Photography

A classic structured arch never goes out of style. Working on an existing arch means using our florals to bring out the look and feel we want.

For these arches, we again use chicken wire. This time, though, the chicken wire is burritoed with compost for the floral pieces. Glue tabs adhere the vining greenery to the arch structure, with two waterproof containers on each side.

Many wedding venues already have an arch. When talking to your wedding florist, it’s best to show them a picture of the arch so they can best envision what the floral design should look like.

Decided on a floral wedding arch?

The different wedding arches reflect different moods and styles for a wedding. Always make sure that you are choosing designs that reflect your life as a couple. Once you’ve decided it’s time to schedule your free consultation. We’re ready to create a magical wedding!