Support your lungs & breath with herbs

Summer in Montana can mean wildfires and smoke. In the past few weeks, we have experienced this smoke in Montana, making it hard to get a day’s reprieve or a full breath of clear air. Often, this means many of us may travel elsewhere for some outdoor time or we may retreat inside.

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Lavendar, rosemary, and other assorted herbs for clarity. We love fresh varieties, but dried herbs from an apothecary or essential oils are great, too!

This time indoors can serve as a great renewal and healing from the smoke. In the studio, we focus on the healing magic of herbs and supporting our physical and mental health with herbal remedies. During these summers, we especially love herbs that bring clarity and help us breathe easier. Whether diffusing oils or making a delicious herbal tea, rosemary, yarrow, and monarda can aid you in finding clarity during this smoky summer.


Often used in cooking, rosemary is a wonderful herb if you are seeking clarity. Not only does it bring clarity to your mind, but it can ease congestion as well. One of the best (and most delicious) ways to fill your home with rosemary’s magic is through cooking. We recommend finding a delicious baked recipe (like this eggplant or these vegetables). While you bake either dish, relish in letting rosemary work through your home.

If you’re not a home cook, rosemary essential oil is readily accessible at most herbal or natural food stores. Place a couple of drops in a diffuser and let the vapor work its way through your home. The strong scent cuts through the smoke and makes it much easier to breathe.


One of our favorite herbs at Earth Within is yarrow. We love to

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We love finding fresh yarrow in the wild.

feature it in our designs. It’s meaning is also special to us–protection. Right now, we are seeking protection from the smoke and find ourselves turning to yarrow.

Yarrow has long been known for its healing effects and is particularly potent for respiratory illnesses. We recommend drying sprigs of yarrow and then steeping them to make an especially healing tea. Sitting down with a homemade tea is a perfect healing ritual. If you want to try something different, though, use your yarrow tea and a cloth to make a yarrow compress. A warm compress can help open your airways and breath easier.

Monarda (Wild Oregano)

Monarda is another herb that makes a wonderful healing tea. Sometimes called wild oregano, monarda has excellent healing properties when it comes to the respiratory system. It’s clarity-bringing effect should help you if you deal with smoke-related brain fog.

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At-home steamers are so simple and so effective!

We recommend making a mug of monarda tea and enjoying it in purified air.

Lemon, Lavendar, & Peppermint Oil Blend

If you don’t have access to fresh herbs for clarity, lemon, lavendar, and peppermint essential oils can go a long way. Mixing these three oils (you only need 3-4 drops of each!) and diffusing them can help mitigate troubles caused by asthma, allergies, and our wildfire smoke. We like this solution because it’s cost-effective and these oils are readily available at most grocery stores.

An Herbs for Clarity Herbal Steamer

One of the best ways to clear out your sinuses and invite the breath is through an herbal steamer.

In your kitchen, bring a large pot of water to boil with 2-4 cups of your (roughly-chopped) favorite clarity herbs (we recommend the ones above). Once the herbs have had about 10 minutes in the hot water, turn the stove off. Then, put a towel over your head and your face over the water. Allow the steam to enter your respiratory system and feel the blissful, healing effects.

Bring herbal magic into your life everyday

We love celebrating the power of healing herbs everyday. With our nonprofit, Earth Within Girls, we help girls build relationships with the natural world through holistic, herbal education. If you and your daughter are in the Missoula-area, we would love for you to enroll in our upcoming fall programs.

You can also always enjoy some herbal magic with us on the Earth Within Flowers blog.