Dried Flower Wedding Bouquets

Just like the Montana landscape, dried flower arrangements stand out. Envision the soft, rustic beauty of free-flowing grasses and vibrant, delicate blooms featured in your wedding florals. Everlasting dried flower bouquets are ideal for the sentimentalist who loves a unique blend of texture and contrast and as a no-fuss floral option. These bouquets are perfect for the couple who wants to enjoy pieces from their wedding long after the big day. We often hear stories from our dried floral clients sharing that their bouquets become a focal point for decor in their home!

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Dried Wedding Flowers
Dried Wedding Flowers

Why Choose Dried Flowers

Dried wedding bouquets are perfect for destination couples and couples who have a laid-back temperament. The flowers will retain their color for up to a year after the big day, with a gentle fade thereafter. Since we use locally grown flowers, they last longer than most dried flowers! We are sure to dry our blooms within a few days of being cut, to ensure maximum vitality and vibrance of the blooms.

Have you heard that dried flowers are fragile and easily break? We are always dispelling this myth because our blooms are unbelievably hardy and withstand the elements well. Our dried florals can be tossed around, wind-blown or rained on–which are all things that could happen on your wedding day here in Montana! Despite all of this, dried wedding bouquets still maintain a flawless look and feel.

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About Our Design Process

We believe that for dried flower arrangements to shine, they should encompass an element of simplicity. That said, we tend to use only 1-3 focal colors and balance those with neutral colors in our dried flower wedding bouquets. Often natural grasses are used to break up the colors and add a soft, delicate look and feel.

This design technique allows each flower to have room to show its own unique personality and pop in your bridal bouquet. Check out some dried flowers for wedding ideas via our Pinterest board or browse dried flower designs made for past wedding flower clients to develop your unique style.

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