Finding joy with Montana spring wildflowers

There’s no shortage of beauty around Missoula. During this time of year, we love getting outside to see the blooming Montana spring wildflowers. The beginning of the spring seasons means new growth and transformation, not just in us, but also in the landscape. Now, we’ll start to see the hillsides burst in color, making this the perfect time to go on a meditative hike and tap in to the new, fresh energy of spring.

There are three hikes in the Missoula area that are absolutely perfect this time of year. By focusing our hikes on a specific bloom, we can tune in to the beauty of that flower and see how the landscape changes throughout the season. No matter where you hike, though, always respect the land and life-giving earth. Whenever we see something especially lovely on our walks, we make sure to practice ethical foraging. Many wildflowers are endangered, and its important honor the land by allowing these blooms to flourish.

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Blue Mountain — Buttercups

One of our favorite hikes is Blue Mountain. We love the views–not only of the wildflowers, but also of the mountains and Missoula in the distance. During our hikes on this trail, we keep an eye out for buttercups. We love this quintessential springtime bloom. Its vibrant yellow color is the perfect representation of springtime, coming from the dark winter months into the long, sunshine days of summer.

Leaning into the language of buttercups means finding your confidence and the sunshine within yourself. On this hike, we love to let inspiration and creativity come to us. Breathing in the fresh, mountain air and seeing these beauties along the trail is sure to energize anyone.

Mt. Jumbo — Shooting Stars

Shooting stars flower delivery in Missoula

Shooting Stars

Though hiking Mt. Jumbo is a bit more difficult, it is well worth it to see the blooming shooting stars. This hike offers stunning views of the Hellgate Valley and into East Missoula, with blooming wildflowers along the trail. The purple of the shooting stars adds whimsical flair to the Montana landscape, a stunning pop of color against the environment that wakens for the warmer months.

This flower helps us lift the veil of stress, negativity, and worries to reveal a more free view of your life. Often during this time of year, it’s easy to feel pressed against the pressure of changing priorities and the newsness. Tapping into the magic of shooting stars on a hike may be the perfect way to let go of the energy holding you back from something greater.

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Glacier Lily

Lower Rattlesnake — Glacier Lilies

The Lower Rattlesnake offers a vast range of hikes, depending on your skill level and the time you have. We love the versatility of this trail, and also love seeing glacier lilies in the wilderness. Whether you want to spend a day exploring this natural space or just need a quick breath of mountain air, you can soak in the spring energy in this space.

The yellow glacier lilies remind us of the sunshine and long days to come. We just love how this flower reminds us to stand up a little straighter and let our confidence radiate through us. Sometimes an afternoon in nature and some Montana spring wildflowers to renew your sense of purpose and remind you of life’s precious, small moments.

Montana spring wildflower inspiration

We love these hikes, both to nourish our soul and to tap into our creative energy. Seeing the lovely blooms of springtime gives us ideas for summer season wedding designs and our upcoming workshops. This summer we will be offering workshops through our Earth Within Girls program and are excited to share our 2021 wedding season designs. Our inspiration always comes from Montana’s stunning landscape, and our Montana spring wildflowers make our designs just pop.

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