Missoula floristFind healing and solace using herbal bath magic

The already darkened days are even darker since the time change. I’m always ready to get cozy this time of year, whether it’s with a handmade quilt and a good book or meeting friends at a local haunt for warm mugs of tea. Sometimes, though, I find the cold digs into my skin. Other times, I just need some time for rest and rejuvenation. Regardless of what I’m feeling at the moment, I often dig into my herbal practice to find healing. In the cooler weather, especially, I love to create herbal bath salt blends to soothe my body and my soul.

Like with many of our DIY guides, we suggest using your own intuition and listening to what your body needs as you make your blends. The herbs and blends that work for me may not work for everyone. Part of practicing herbalism is learning what best supports you.

Getting started with herbal bath salt blends

It’s so easy to be creative with herbal bath salts because there are infinite combinations to curate the perfect relaxing moment.

Epsom salt or Himalayan pink salt?

I suggest using epsom salt when you start making your own bath blends. It’s easy to find and the most common bath salt. Some people like to mix Himalayan pink salt into their blends. Generally, I like to mix the two together because I love the mind-opening and detoxifying qualities of Himalayan pink salt and the relaxation gained from Epsom salt.

Measure your salts and then add them to a large mixing bowl. 1 cup of soak per bath is a good rule of thumb, so I recommend measuring based on how many baths you would like to use with this mix.

Adding your herbs!flowers Missoula MT

Adding magicall herbs is my favorite part of making my own bath salts. There a couple of herbs that are perfect no matter the occassion, but it’s fun to look at some seasonal favorites as well.

Rose is always a good choice with its heart-opening properties. If you’d like to add rose, but are unable to acquire the herb, then try adding a little bit of rosewater to your bath! Another popular bath herb is lavender, which is really no surprise. Lauded for it’s serene calming ability, it’s often the perfect herb for a before-bed soak. If these herbs are dried, you can add them directly to your bath mix!

This time of year, though, you may want to focus on some seasonal magic. Bundle up for an afternoon of foraging for pine and cedarwood. After harvesting, take some time to clean the needles before adding them into your blends. Put the needles into a reusable tea strainer or muslin bag and let it steep in the water. Pine provides healing. Cedar is perfect for protection.

Soak in moisture

Lastly, I love adding a bit of oil to my baths for added moisture. Any skin-friendly oil will work, but I typically go for almond oil or jojoba oil. Stay conservative with the oil; a little bit goes a long way!

Enjoying your relaxing bath

Let your bath be a regular ritual in your life throughout these cold and dark months. I’ve set a day for my baths and outfit my bathroom with candles, light from a small lamp, and make a space for me to set whatever I want to read. During my baths, I leave my phone in a different room so I can be fully attuned to the moment.

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