We love tulips and aren’t alone! Tulips are the 3rd most popular flower in the world.  With over 3,000 registered varieties of tulips, picking the best varieties for arrangements can be overwhelming. Within all the varieties, there are about 15 different groups divided by flower type, size, and blowing period. Here are our favorite varieties that will make your arrangement pop:

Different Varieties of Tulips

Double Tulips, also known as ‘peony tulips’ have large eloquent flowers with an extra set of petals, making them up to 10 inches wide. Some of our favorites are ‘Belle Epoque’ tulips, photographed to the right, as well as a soft pink variety called ‘Finola’.

Fringed Tulips have finely incised fringe on the edges of the petals giving them a unique, exotic feel. Check out a deep purple tulip called ‘Labrador’ well be infusing into our Mothers Day arrangements this year!

Parrot Tulips are whimsical, coming in a variety of colors and shapes. Known for their unusual colors, parrot tulips also spread out flat as they open up. Their unique frills certainly lend to centerpieces.

Tips for Designing Tulip Arrangements

Tall and Boldspring flowers in arch

You can use tulips to add tall and bold statements to your arrangements. To achieve this, remove the tulip leaves for a more dramatic outward facing effect. Longer stem tulips tend to bend and bow naturally. You can use that natural bend to your advantage when making a statement piece. Tulips have strong enough stems to drape over the edge of the vase towards the rim. This gives a lovely spilling over effect, expanding the space of the arrangement and adding a whimsical effect. Tulips will continue to grow and “walk” once they are in water – meaning they will rise and bend towards the light, so plan accordingly in your arrangements. 

Leaving a few fringed tulips tall in the arrangement will draw eyes upwards to their unique textures, making your design dynamic and exotic. Using double tulips as your tall and bold blooms, will add weight to that side of the arrangement, aiding with stunning asymmetrical designs. 

Tucked and Tight

Tuck in your tulips  low to the arrangement to add bright and bold statements to your arrangements. To do so, cut stems short and allow them to sit low in the arrangement to serve as a focal element. Remove leaves for a more pronounced look. Leaving the foliage on will achieve a fuller design look and add to your filler. If you desire a tighter bunch of tulips together, removing the leaves first can help you bunch them together easier. This will also allow you to easily make them the same height for a more uniform base design. 

Tucking a few double or parrot tulips into an agreement is sure to make a statement, especially as they open up and flatten out, adding unique colors and textures as the agreement naturally shifts.

Source Locally

Source seasonal, local tulips for your arrangements or grow your own tulip bulbs that will pop up every Spring. Consider planting a unique variety for future statement piece arrangements. Tulips only bloom for 7-10 days, which makes showing off your own blooms even more special. At Earth Within Flowers, we source from local farms like Five Field Flowers and Crescent Ridge Farm for our stunning tulip varieties. 

little girl holding tulipShare Some Tulip Love With Your Mama

With Mama’s Day right around the corner, consider gifting your own mama a magnificent Spring arrangement with local tulips to add a statement to her home. We are offering Mama’s Day arrangements May 7th and 8th in the Missoula area and pick on Friday at Radius Gallery downtown. Pre-order here.

Mama’s Day floral photos by Ashley Rhian Photography.