5 Winter Wreath Materials Found in Your Hood

Winter Wreaths- Part 1 Winter wreath's don't have to be overly complicated or expensive! Materials can be easily found within your yard, alleyway or in natural public spaces. Remember to use etiquette when harvesting and always ask the landowner if you wish to harvest on public property. Chances are they will gladly take you up [...]

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Introducing Destination Floral Packages

As a destination bride, we wish for your wedding flower experience to be straightforward and unique to your style and color theme. We are thrilled to announce we are now offering our destination clients a customizable floral package that can meet your basic to more intricate wedding floral needs. We've listed our regular prices and [...]

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Our 2018 Wedding Flower Recap

We are preparing for our last wedding flower gig this week and it is bringing up all the feels. Often our inspiration for upcoming weddings comes from looking at our Pinterest  boards and photos from cutting edge designers from east to west such as Molly Oliver Flowers, Botanique and the Wild Blume. Also, a huge [...]

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Fall Gardening Basics

Fall Garden Basics: What you need to know about cover crops  This post has also been featured on Mindbody Green.   Let's revisit the importance of healthy soil as we put our fall gardens to bed!   Aside from your green thumb, the quality of your garden’s soil is one of the most important factors [...]

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History of the Folk Flower Crown

Why do we wear folk flower crowns? The tradition of wearing flower crowns has been a past time in cultures around the world. Flower Crowns are especially popular in present day as to wear at a festival, a way to symbolize femininity, beauty and to add a special touch to a celebration. We are partnering [...]

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DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Now is the time to harvest flowers for dried arrangements this fall! Our flower gardens are bursting at the seams and farmer's markets are flooded with colorful bouquets. Let's learn how to properly harvest your own flowers or preserve pre-made bouquets with this DIY Dried Flower Bouquet Guide.   As a seasonal designer, I work [...]

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5 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

There is nothing we love more than making the perfect out-of-the-box arrangements to match the bride and groom's personalities and special union.  So, how do you make your wedding flowers stand out from traditional arrangements? Get creative with your wedding flower ideas!   See below how Earth Within Flowers can make your wedding day complete [...]

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August DIY Flower Arrangement with Zinnia

Three Steps to Making a Rejuvenating DIY Flower Arrangement with Zinnia   We are using locally sourced, seasonal blooms for the month of August in Missoula, Montana. Zinnia promotes energy, childlike playfulness, unconditional love, and joy. They make wonderful flowers to give to anyone who may be struggling with aging, illness, depression, or lack of [...]

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5 Reason to Buy Locally Grown Flowers

There is no coincidence that the week leading up to Independence Day is also known as ‘American Flowers Week’ or better yet 'Montana Flowers Week'. Local  florists and farmers who support the the ‘Slow Flowers Movement’  come together to celebrate locally grown flowers . This niche local flower market counter social and environmental justice one [...]

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Feminine & Flowers

Femininity & Flowers Human society has a deep tradition of using flowers to honor and adorn women and accentuate their feminine power. However, this tradition has been lost over the years due to industrial patriarchal societal ideals and the separation of nature and society. We believe that in order to heal nature and re- connect [...]

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