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How to Design Ranunculus Arrangements

“Ranunculus” - Harry Potter spell or magical flower!? These magnificent blooms are almost too perfect to be real. Even though they have rose-like pattering, these babies pack more petals into their ever-giving blooms. Grown from what is called a “corm” that looks more like mini octopuses than seed, they are unique from the ground up. [...]

How to Design Ranunculus Arrangements2022-12-05T15:08:36-07:00

How to keep lilacs lasting longer

Lilacs blooms are a sure sign that summer is on its way. Their intoxicating perfume fills the air on brisk morning dog walks and evening neighborhood jogs. The magic of lilacs is rooted in a beautiful story of love. Pan, the Greek god of the forests was hopefully in love with a beautiful nymph [...]

How to keep lilacs lasting longer2022-05-10T16:04:50-06:00


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