3 Wedding Bouquet’s to Consider

Wedding season is right around the corner, so we've got wedding bouquets on the brain! The wedding bouquet is an essential part of your big day! It makes a truly personal statement and ties you, the bride, into the wedding decor. There are numerous wedding bouquet shapes out there to choose from, but we narrowed [...]

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Why Choose Local for your Valentine Bouquets

February 14th is right around the corner and you all know what that means: Valentine bouquets! There are plenty of conventional options out there, yet we have something unique AND, most noteworthy, good for the environment. Dried flowers or succulent arrangements are the perfect eco-friendly way to say 'I love you,' while being friendly to the [...]

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Why We Love Succulent Arrangements

Succulent arrangements, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways... It's no secret that we are madly in love with succulent plants! Succulents are an eco-friendly addition to any wedding decor. They are a great alternative to fresh flowers during the winter months and can be taken home and re-used by guests at [...]

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The Bridal Bouquet & the Language of Flowers

Add Symbolism to your Bridal Bouquet! Wedding flowers are a lovely way to make a truly personal statement on your big day. Did you know that flowers have a language of their own? Each flower has its very own meaning and the bridal bouquet is said to communicate those messages to your sweetheart. This tradition [...]

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Our Favorite Flower Trends- 2019

It's 2019 and there is a feeling of newness in the air that we are embracing! Currently, we are making plans for our upcoming weddings and getting  inspired! Let's take a look at our favorite trending flower varieties for 2019. Whether you are aiming for classic, rustic, bohemian, modern, or a romantic style of wedding [...]

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A 5 Step Guide to Wedding Flowers

Tying the knot? Here at Earth Within Flowers, we understand how overwhelming wedding planning can be, especially narrowing down your florals and decor. With countless options to choose from, it can be tough to know where to begin. Have no fear, guys and gals, because we are here to help with a 5 step guide [...]

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5 Ways to use Cedar in your Holiday Decor

We love using Cedar in a variety of winter decor. Cedar is an aromatic evergreen whose presence evokes the stillness and purification of winter. Its pointed, weeping leaves make it one of our best-loved greeneries.  To honor our spiky foliage friend, we've rounded up five ways to spruce up your holiday decor with cedar! The [...]

5 Ways to use Cedar in your Holiday Decor2018-12-18T18:37:16-07:00

5 Winter Wreath Materials Found in Your Hood

Winter Wreaths- Part 1 Winter wreath's don't have to be overly complicated or expensive! Materials can be easily found within your yard, alleyway or in natural public spaces. Remember to use etiquette when harvesting and always ask the landowner if you wish to harvest on public property. Chances are they will gladly take you up [...]

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Introducing Destination Floral Packages

As a destination bride, we wish for your wedding flower experience to be straightforward and unique to your style and color theme. We are thrilled to announce we are now offering our destination clients a customizable floral package that can meet your basic to more intricate wedding floral needs. We've listed our regular prices and [...]

Introducing Destination Floral Packages2018-10-26T13:32:33-06:00

Our 2018 Wedding Flower Recap

We are preparing for our last wedding flower gig this week and it is bringing up all the feels. Often our inspiration for upcoming weddings comes from looking at our Pinterest  boards and photos from cutting edge designers from east to west such as Molly Oliver Flowers, Botanique and the Wild Blume. Also, a huge [...]

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