Summer Wedding Moodboard for your Wedding Florals

Find inspiration in the details, too. | Pinecone Photography Everyone wants an event that's uniquely them. We want to distinguish our weddings from others by infusing our own personal style into the design. Wedding flowers are an important part of the big day and often help set the tone of the event. Creating [...]

Summer Wedding Moodboard for your Wedding Florals2022-02-05T13:52:52-07:00

Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity

Support your lungs & breath with herbs Summer in Montana can mean wildfires and smoke. In the past few weeks, we have experienced this smoke in Montana, making it hard to get a day's reprieve or a full breath of clear air. Often, this means many of us may travel elsewhere for some outdoor time [...]

Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity2021-09-10T06:22:32-06:00

Moon Cycle Herbs for Your Holiday Wreath

Incorporate your favorite moon cycle herbs into a holiday wreath We are surrounded by cycles--cycles of the earth, cycles of our bodies. In the winter, we also see representation of life's circularity in our wreaths. They represent wholeness and unity, reminding us that everything will keep going. The intimate connection between the parts of a [...]

Moon Cycle Herbs for Your Holiday Wreath2020-11-16T18:58:36-07:00


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