Samhain herbal rituals let us connect to the past and navigate the season

The day during which the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest is upon us. In just a few short days, we’ll celebrate All Hallows Eve (or Samhain, if you prefer). On All Hallows Eve and throughout the duration of the season, we’re using herbs to connect to our ancestors and gain wisdom from the past as we navigate the darkest time of year. Though this season often means the creepy and macabre, there is a special respite in focusing on herbal practices while enjoying the crisp air and dark nights.

Our Samhain Herbs

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Samhain herbal rituals are an important part of this season

Many of the autumnal herbs we work with during this time are also herbs that we love throughout fall. With every season and celebration, though, these herbs take on new meaning and guide us even further on our journey of self.


This well-known herb is actually our October Herb of the Month for Earth Within Girls. Sage always reminds us of the years past and its cleansing and grounding properties are perfect for setting the tone for an evening of herbal rituals.


Rosemary has been a popular herb for us this season. We used it for clarity during the fall equinox, but during Samhain it’s perfect for rememberance and honoring those in the past. It also has a particular way of aiding storytellers, specifically those who are focused on carrying on traditions and rituals from the past.


We mentioned cinnamon in our post about warming teas because there it’s just the perfect herb for the cold weather. This herb is known to invoke protection, which is necessary during herbal rituals dealing with the past and our spirit.


Though perhaps most commonly associated with Yule, clove is a great herb to incorporate into Samhain rituals. It’s popular both for its fragrance and because it wards off negativity.

Samhain Herbal Rituals

Baking Bread with Cinnamon and Clove

Usually this time of year, it’s “pumpkin spice” everything. Pumpkin spice, though, is just a mix of our favorite Samhain herbs, including cinnamon and cloves! Though you may want to go with a traditional pumpkin pie, I suggest baking with intention to make a delicious spiced pumpkin bread. Knead the dough with your hands and as you do, use the magic of the herbs to guide your intentions. Not only will the end product serve as a delicious treat, the entire process imbues you with a warming protection for other Samhain rituals.

Burning Herbal Incense Bundles

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We love putting together incense bundles of herbs that have special resonance with us at the moment, like sage and rosemary.

Creating and burning an herbal incense bundle is a way to bring herbal magic into your home again and again. We often bundle together our ethically-foraged herbs, including sage and rosemary, to burn in our space. Both the creation of the bundle and burning the bundle are meditative practices which allow us to connect deeply to ourselves and to our past. Using the sage bundle right before baking or during a journaling session might also yield very powerful results.

Journaling with Herbal Tea

In the spirit of connecting to the past, writing letters to my ancestors and journaling with them in mind is my favorite way to round out a Samhain celebration. Particularly, I love to sit down with my journal, a candle, and a mug of tea made from freshly foraged herbs. During these journaling sessions, I  focus on connecting with the women of my past and letting their wisdom guide my discernment until the veil is thin once again.

Find Herbal Magic at our Upcoming Workshops

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Our floral design workshops intertwine our timeless design concepts with herbal wellness and healing practices.

This fall and winter we are hosting floral design workshops focused on making with intention and imbuing herbal magic into each creation.

Join us on November 21st and December 7 for our holiday workshops at Create Art Bar.