Cozy up with warm Montana-inspired drinks

Dried flowers and herbs hanging by twince from a curtain rod

We love using our dried goodies from the summer in our autumn herbal tea blends.

Autumn comes all at once in Montana. One day we’re enjoying the long nights and sunshine of summer only to be greeted with crisp mornings and fall colors what seems like a day later. One of my favorite thing to do throughout fall is focus on my herbal practice through Montana tea blends.

There’s something special about spending a dusky morning and chilly night in the kitchen intuitively choosing herbs, spices, and blends to empower and restore me.

Whether you’re new to making your own tea blends or have been making them for a while, our suggestions will help root you in the energy of the season.

Warming Autumn Tea

Fall flavors feel inherently warming and cozy. There’s something special about cinnamon, apple spice, and nutmeg that just brings us right into the fall season. Our fall Montana tea blend brings together whatever herbs you might have on hand to make a drink that’s perfect for a night in.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these fall herbs based on your own tastes. Tea blending is a creative ritual that allows you the opportunity to look inward and discover what you need in the moment.

For your tea, mix together 2-3 of the following herbs and spices to your taste: cinnamon/cinnamon sticks, star anise, clove, dried apple, cardamom, and ginger.

If you’re looking to lean into the apple flavor, adding a little locally made apple juice can add the perfect pop of flavor. For a sweetener, I recommend local Montana honey or maple syrup.

I always like to add a splash of oat milk to my teas for creaminess.

Use our apple cinnamon tea recipe for inspiration.

The perfect blend of Golden Milk will make any day better.

Soothing Homemade Golden Milk

Golden Milk has been one of my favorite discoveries. Though not a tea, this anti-inflammatory drink is perfect the cooler months. It’s also surprisingly easy to make, so you don’t need to rely on a store-bought blend.

In a sauce pan, combine a milk of your choice with turmeric, ginger, and ground pepper.

Add in a little sweetener (like honey or maple syrup) and a cinnamon stick. Stir until all mixed to together. Ladle into a mug and enjoy.

The ritual of drinking tea is just as important as the Montana tea blend.

DIY Herbal Magic Tea

The best thing about tea blends is that they are completely up to you. We each need different herbal magic in our lives. Take an evening to check in with yourself and make a tea blend uniquely suited to you. Maybe check back with our list of fall equinox herbs for inspiration on curating your perfect tea blend for the season.

Find tea from local sellers

While we love making tea at home, sometimes you’re out and about and need somewhere with the perfect tea blend.

Butterfly Herbs

Butterfly Herbs, located on Higgins, is a perfectly cozy spot to get a warm mug of tea and peruse the wonderful selection of herbs, spices, and other household goods. They carry teas from Montana Spice & Tea Trading. Personally, I love the Evening in Missoula blend.

Lake Missoula Tea Company

On Broadway, Lake Missoula Tea Company is a wonderland of delightful teas. While you’re there, you can browse their selection of tea blends and enjoy what might be the best chai latte in Missoula.

Enjoy Montana tea blends and dream of floral magic

We love spending days in the studio with a warm mug of tea steeped from our foraged finds. Earth Within Flowers’ connection to the natural world is part of everything we do. We love working with clients who want to tell a story with their wedding and event flowers.

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