Add the magic of herbs to this new beginning

In our studio, we’re always surrounded by the energy and aromas of the many herbs and flowers we work with every day. Sometimes we find that we need to lean into the courageous spirit of yarrow and other days we could use the wisdom of sage. Using herbs and plants to set new year’s intentions can add so much goodness to this new beginnings.

Using and leaning into the power of these five herbs can truly make a difference in your purposeful-planning of 2020.

Basil for protection

If you traveled to the past, you might see basil hanging in doorways. It has been said to ward off evil spirits and when placed at the entrance of a home, it protects the people inside. Nowadays, people are more likely to grow some in the herb garden near their front porch or have a small pot sitting in their window. It’s beautiful and with a delightful aroma, who wouldn’t want to use basil in their intention setting?

Use your culinary skills to incorporate basil into a tasty dish to munch on while you focus your energy on the new year.

Lavender for happiness

Often, we use lavender for its relaxing properties. I like to incorporate lavender essence into my nightly routine, using it’s scent to lull me into a restful sleep. Even just spending some time outside with lavender can improve your mood. We love adding dried lavender into our floral incense bundles. This lovely flower will add beauty hanging to dry along a window or added into your favorite skin cream.

Treat yourself to a warm bath with Epsom salt and lavender to begin this new year. Soak in all that goodness and relax into some new routines!

Rosemary for cleansing

At the beginning of a new year, we want that “fresh start” feeling. For ages, rosemary has been burned to cleanse and purify a space. Through this ritual, rosemary brings newness and clarity, which lets us look deeper into ourselves and our lives. I often find myself diffusing rosemary essence or cooking with rosemary to bring about some much-needed introspective power. Rosemary is also used as both an incense and internally to help with brain health and alertness.

Bundle some dried rosemary and then burn it in your home in anticipation for a new decade.

Pine for healing

Winter fills our souls with magic. There’s nothing like a snowy hike in a pine forest, quiet except for the crunch with each step. Whether healing from physical ailments or past traumas, pine can aid in this process. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to focus on self-healing, especially as you work on bettering yourself. Sometimes we may not know we need the healing that pine provides, but that’s why it can be so important.

Ethically forage some pine on your New Year’s Day hike and then steep in hot water to make a delicious tea.

Cinnamon for success

Success means different things to different people, but we all want to achieve our version of it. The new year, in particular, brings about goal-setting, resolutions, and new projects, all of which have us thinking about whether or not we will succeed. Cinnamon promotes success and brings prosperity. With it’s warming aroma, this herb can really help you set your new year’s intentions.

Working in the kitchen can be such a meditative process. Bake something yummy with cinnamon and practice mindful eating.

It’s simple to incorporate the power of herbs into your day-to-day life or spiritual practice. These five herbs, specifically, can aid you in planning out this new year at the beginning of a new decade.

Add to your creative practice with our workshops this upcoming season. Our next workshop is January 7 at Western Cider, where we’ll be making New Year’s Intention Wreaths!