Wedding season is right around the corner, so we’ve got wedding bouquets on the brain! The wedding bouquet is an essential part of your big day! It makes a truly personal statement and ties you, the bride, into the wedding decor. There are numerous wedding bouquet shapes out there to choose from, but we narrowed it down to our three favorites! Read on for wedding bouquet shape inspiration!

Our 3 Best-Loved Wedding Bouquet’s

1.) Horizontal

A horizontal shape often has a concentration of flowers in the center with greenery and wispy blooms trailing slightly out, left and right, on both sides. We love the horizontal shape for its versatility because it easily moves between boho, traditional, and natural. For this style, we recommend choosing flowers such as ranunculus, calla lily, roses, tulips, and clematis.

Fall Wedding Flowers in Grassland in Montana

2.) Upright

Straight up-and-down in style, the upright shape features flowers with vertical stems. We love the upright bouquet for its effortless ‘found and gathered’ feel. We recommend choosing flowers that are naturally vertical, such as larkspur, yarrow, and snapdragons.

3.) Cascading

For a stunning trailing effect, look no further than the cascading shape. This shape features a waterfall of flowers and greenery. We love the cascading bouquet for the drama and romance it exudes. Choosing flowers that have a natural cascade, such as vine-like greenery and orchids, is helpful when creating this look. Peonies, poppies, scabiosa, anemone, and lupine are also great choices.

Cascading wedding bouquet shapes in Missoula, Montana

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