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Fill up your plate with delicious creations from these Missoula wedding caterers

During a wedding, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to a meal from one of our favorite Missoula wedding caterers. After the ceremony, stomachs are rumbling and guests are anticipating a night of dancing and laughing with friends and family. What kind of eating experience do you want for your guests? You could treat them to something more formal and fancy, treating everyone with a bit of extravagant indulgence. Maybe you are a casual couple, looking for some delicious apps and finger foods that make this a homey, laid-back affair. You might even want a Missoula wedding caterer with emphasis on “Missoula”–focusing on homegrown foods that give you the flavor of the area. Whatever you decide, you want your caterer to match the feel and flavor of your big day.

Luckily, there’s not shortage of delicious wedding caterers in Missoula! Each of our favorites brings something a little different to the table. Get ready to eat up–we’re sure you’ll feel a twinge of hunger after reading about these caterers.

Riversong Gourmet

With Riversong Gourmet, you will sit down to a delicious, creative plate filled with local foods. We love how they approach cuisine with artistry. No matter your palate, Riversong Gourmet will

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work with you to create a beautiful menu focused on sustainably produced produce and meats. Their summer sample menu just looks so delicious! With their focus on creating seasonal eating experiences, their meals speak to the beauty of Montana. Their elegant approach is sure to please any guest.


The Silk Road

If you’re an explorer, traveler, or world wanderer, then The Silk Road may be perfect for your wedding. This Missoula wedding caterer specializes in bringing world flavors to your wedding. Let your guests indulge in a to-die-for asian noodle bar, build-your-own taco bell, or delicious, creamy risotto. With their vast array of options, The Silk Road can also fit the style of your wedding with their style of service options. Whether you are looking for a specialty service bar, plated dinners, or a buffet, The Silk Road can definitely fit the feel of your wedding.

A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast will work with you to build your food profile based on all of your culinary loves. From family recipes to the best restaurant you’ve ever dined at, they want to gather inspiration form your experiences to make the catering experience part of your story as a couple. This caterer boasts a fully mobile kitchen, perfect for ensuring fresh, delicious food whether or not your wedding venue has a kitchen.

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Crave Catering

Crave Catering speaks to your cravings and the food that you want to eat on your big day. With their customized wedding catering, they are happy to offering everything from a gourmet meal to a more casual barbeque. In addition, offer an amazing selection of sweet treats, perfect for creative dessert offerings! We love seeing the designs they come up with and how they are dedicated to creating the perfect culinary experience!

Burn St. Bistro

Burn St. Bistro offers a wide variety of delicious foods perfect for filling you up after all the festivities. Moreover, this Missoula wedding caterer prides themself on delicious, slow-cooked meat and classic sides, sure to please anyone’s palate. We love their wide variety of cuisine–from barbeque to Cajun to French countryside–and their local beer and wine offerings. Their laid-back feel couples with simple elegance, making them an easy choice for any wedding.

Round out the table–with flowers!

The food tastes good. Your guests are chatting. They’re surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements that tell the story of the couple! We love working with you to fit the feel and look of your wedding. Furthermore, we take pride in designing reception flowers that cater exactly to your wedding. So, whether you want small bud vases or an extravagant floral installation, we want to chat with you about your wedding flowers.

You can go ahead and schedule your free consultation with us to hear more about our wedding flower services!