Did you know that you can make tea using energy from the sun!? Here at Earth Within Girls, we are all about slow steeping our herbs using sunshine! Read below to learn how to make your own sun-powered herbal tea by infusing some of our favorite dried herbs and flowers!

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Herbs

How to Make ‘Earth Within Girls’ Herbal Sun Tea:

What You’ll Need:

-Dried Herbs (such as chamomile, mint, rose petals, strawberry leaf, and lavender)


-A glass jar or vessel with cap (2 quart or 1 gallon)

-Water and sunshine!


-Put 8-16 grams of dried herbs into a clean glass jar or vessel. *8 grams of tea for 2 quart vessel and 16 grams for a 1 gallon vessel.

-Fill vessel with water and cap it.

-Place vessel outside in a sunny spot and let vessel bask in that glorious sunlight for 3-5 hours. *You can move the container to follow the sun as needed.

-When tea has reached your desired strength, remove from sunshine and place in refrigerator.

-When ready to drink your tea, strain and enjoy!!!

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Chamomile

Herbs- Some of our Favorites to Try:


Lavender is an incredibly relaxing herb that is good to use when stressed or feeling tense.

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Lavender

-Rose Petals

Rose petals deliver amazing anti-inflammatory properties and add a lovely floral fragrance!

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Rose Petals


Soothing and healing, mint tea supports digestion.

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Peppermint

-Strawberry Leaf

Strawberry leaf is extremely nurturing and contains a number of trace minerals and vitamins that support body function. This is a very good herb to drink during menstruation.

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Strawberry leaf


We love chamomile for calming our nervous system!

Earth Within Girls Sun Tea Chamomile

Interested in learning more? Sign up for our Earth Within Girls DIY Mother/Daughter Medicinal Gardening & Sun Teas Workshop. *Ages 10 and up!

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