What’s it like to be a Montana wedding florist?

Melissa holding a wedding bouquet after adding the on-site finishing touches. | Notarius Photography

At Earth Within, we take pride in ensuring that each of our clients has their dream wedding. For us, this process starts long before the wedding day with planning, preparation, and lots of floral inspiration. The wedding day, though, is where all of our hard work comes together in celebrating the beautiful couple. Melissa, your Montana wedding florist, works behind the scenes on wedding day to set the stage for the special moments of the ceremony to the celebratory reception.

The behind-the-scenes work is often some of the most important and gives us a chance to really shine with our wedding florals. We love when the couple (and the guests) get to see the stunning designs. We cherish the moment the bride first holds her personalized bouquet. But what happens before these big reveals?

The morning of the wedding

The morning of the wedding is sometimes the busiest part of the day. After spending the week prepping the flowers and finalizing the designs, Melissa spends some sacred moments in the early hours putting some final creative touches on her work. These early moments are often awash with intuitive energy that allows her to really lean into the look and feel of the wedding.

Early mornings also mean preparation. Once the final touches are finished, Melissa and her floral assistants work on packing everything up to be transported to the venue. This process requires special care and attention, since we focus on sustainable methods in every facet of our business. We transport our flowers in reusable glass vases. We often using crates and compostable (and reusable) packing materials to secure our flowers and arrangements.

After we pack up, we head to the venue.

Your Montana wedding florist at the venue

Melissa adding the on-site finishing touches to her floral designs. | Tay Ericson Photography

Melissa and her floral assistant usually arrive mid-morning of the event. The first thing we do at the venue is unload and meet with the day-of coordinator. These steps are crucial, so we can ensure that our on-site design time will be best utilized. Once there, we hand off the bouquets and boutonnières for the couple and their wedding party. Then, we start on the ceremony flowers.

Ceremony flowers

When working with ceremony flowers, we usually start with any arch installations or other large, floral designs. For arches, Melissa and her floral assistant continue to use sustainable materials to secure the designs (like floral wire and floral tape). Installations are definitely the hardest part of any wedding flower set-up.

Once the arch is complete, Melissa and her assistant can arrange chair flowers and other ceremony arrangements to achieve the perfect, floral look.

Reception flowers

The reception flowers set the stage for the post-vows celebration with the couple’s friends and family. While Melissa’s floral assistant works on the elegant, yet simple designs for the guest tables, your Montana wedding florist makes floral magic on the head table. We always love to see how our floral designs bring the reception decor together.

Melissa holding a finished bridal bouquet behind-the-scenes at a wedding. | Tay Ericson Photography

If we have a reception installation (which are some of our favorite designs to work on), we always make sure to arrive a bit earlier to get this completed.

Finishing touches

After all the floral designs are set and ready, Melissa often checks all of her work to see if there are any finishing touches. Then, after a very busy day, she and her floral assistant head back to the studio.

After the wedding

After the wedding, your Montana wedding florist gets some much-needed rest and relaxation. For Melissa, this means spending time with her floral pup, Yarrow, making an herbal tea blend, and soaking in the beauty of Montana.

Are you ready to book your Montana Wedding Florist?

Though, Earth Within Flowers is booked through 2021, we do have some spots available for the 2022 wedding season and would love to talk with you about your floral vision. Get in touch with us to find out more about our wedding packages and talk with Melissa during your free wedding flower consultation.