bright red, white and blue locally grown flowers

There is no coincidence that the week leading up to Independence Day is also known as ‘American Flowers Week’ or better yet ‘Montana Flowers Week’. Local  florists and farmers who support the the ‘Slow Flowers Movement’  come together to celebrate locally grown flowers . This niche local flower market counter social and environmental justice one bloom at a time.

When I think about Independence Day, I think of the phrase from our pledge of allegiance “Liberty, and Justice for all”. Did you know that here in the land of the brave and free we import 85% of our flowers from S. America? This purchasing practice has created a mainstream market where flowers are tax free lending to low prices. However, at what cost? According to the International Labor Rights Forum, South American flowers are grown with pesticides illegal in the United States; known to cause groundwater pollution and  birth defects. Additionally, 1/3 of the workers have been reported as children. American Flowers Week brings to light “Flower Justice” for these practices by providing local alternatives. Below we share a few reasons to buy locally grown flowers. 

5 reasons to buy locally grown flowers

1-    Flowers attract pollinators. Pollinators are responsible for 2/3 of our crop production

medicinal locally grown flower arrangement, echinacea, marshmallow, calendula

2-    An acre of cut flowers can generate $25-$35 in revenue

girl holding a brass bowl of locally grown flower lavender from a harvest

3-    Flowers add value to vegetable farming operations

4-    Locally purchased flowers put money back into the  local economy

locally grown flowers at a wedding near Missoula, MT Wedding Flowers. Montana Eucalyptus, Tarkio RIver Lodge

5-    Local flowers compliment the natural environment best

Locally grown flower bouquet in natural forest setting near Missoula, MT. Camp Jonawana Missoula, MT Wedding Flowers. Montana Eucalyptus, Tarkio RIver Lodge


Next time you wish to brighten someone else’s day with flowers, I encourage you to ask your local florist where they get their flowers from. You can also use the directory to find a locally supportive florist in your area.


Check out our arrangements for delivery page to see what locally grown flowers are in season!