Your COVID Wedding Flowers: A New Normal?

As we adjust to this new normal of living during the Covid pandemic, at Earth Within Flowers, we are also adjusting how we approach wedding flowers. Changes in ceremony sizes, locations, and safety protocol mean that all of us who work on making every couple’s big day a success are changing how we operate to ensure the health and safety of not only the bride and groom, but the guests and other wedding vendors too. Choosing your wedding flowers is already an important decision for any couple, but the Covid pandemic changes how we approach our weddings.

Since March, we’ve been taking this time to learn and grow in our business and find new ways to assist our couples on their wedding day. From incorporating antimicrobial flowers to assisting with reception set-up, we are working with our couples to make their big days special, no matter the circumstance. If you are planning your wedding right now, consider these five ways to adjust your wedding flowers for Covid-19.

Go Big on Ceremony Decor

If you are planning your wedding flowers for pandemic times and are struggling between deciding on an elaborate ceremony decor or elaborate reception decor, we recommend going big on ceremony decor. Many weddings right now are downsizing guest counts in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. This limited guest count means that many weddings right now are more intimate affairs.

By choosing to go with more lavish ceremony decor, you can highlight one of the most important parts of the big day. Think about an intricate arch design or maybe beautiful chair flowers. These are pieces that everyone can enjoy during the ceremony and can add something special to the place where you exchange your vows.

Opt for Dried Flowers

Opting for dried wedding flowers during Covid allows you to have more flexibility. Many couples right now are contemplating whether or not they should change their wedding date. With changing dates, comes changing seasons. Often a change in season, especially in a place like Montana, can cause a drastic change in flower availability month-to-month. When you talk to your florist about dried flower options, you can plan for an event in any season.

At Earth Within Flowers, we dry many of our summer beauties for use during the winter and fall seasons. We always have brides drawn to the rustic, wild look of dried flowers. Dried flowers are also a wonderful, sustainable option as we move through fall and enter the winter season. This may be an option for you, especially if you are postponing your wedding out of the typical Montana wedding season or if you want to be sure your designs can be perfect and feature your favorites no matter the time of year.

Incorporate Antimicrobial Wedding Flowers

The health and safety of guests is on the mind of many of our couples. In our designs, we often like to showcase the rejuvenating and healing language of flowers. Lately, we have been recommending that guests tune in to antimicrobial flowers for their wedding. These flowers can kill microorganisms and provide an added layer of protection for the couple, their guests, and the other wedding vendors.

Some of our favorite antimicrobial flowers include: basil, sage, and lavender. We absolutely love how these flowers and greenery look in arrangements both for the bride, the ceremony, and reception.

Choose Economical Reception Options

Throughout your big day, it’s important to maintain social distancing practices and make sure that your family and friends stay healthy. Choosing more economical reception options can open up your reception space to include more tables. We love how many brides are leaning toward smaller bud vases and loose greenery to adorn their reception. We think these simple, delicate looks still let your wedding flowers make a statement.

These smaller arrangements also take up less table space, ensuring that your guests have plenty of room and don’t feel crowded at their seats.

Ask Your Florist to Assist with Set-up

One way we’ve been making sure everyone stays safe is helping with the reception set-up. If your florist is setting up your reception flowers, consider having them set tables with other decor as well. They will be able to arrange candles and other centerpieces with an expert eye. Also, working with your florist more closely during set-up will prevent many different people from touching the table items.

Throughout your big day, you want to make sure you can celebrate not only with style, but also with healthy friends and family. Following these tips will allow you to remain flexible and safe throughout the process.

 Planning a wedding?

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