Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity

Support your lungs & breath with herbs Summer in Montana can mean wildfires and smoke. In the past few weeks, we have experienced this smoke in Montana, making it hard to get a day's reprieve or a full breath of clear air. Often, this means many of us may travel elsewhere for some outdoor time [...]

Smoky Summertime Herbs for Clarity2021-09-10T06:22:32-06:00

Winter Solstice Herbs: Celebrating with Floral Intention

Why use herbs to celebrate winter solstice? We come into the winter solstice each year knowing that it is a magical time of new life and rebirth. Especially after the emotionally and physically exhausting year that 2020 has been, celebrating the winter solstice this year could be a wonderful time to see light in the [...]

Winter Solstice Herbs: Celebrating with Floral Intention2020-12-17T08:15:10-07:00


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