Lean Into Gratitude

As the “official” start to the holiday season, Thanksgiving often comes with a wave of busyness that can be difficult to shake, especially when feeling like you’re always running behind. We definitely can feel this way during this time of year, too, and when the hustle and bustle seems to grab its hold, we have to remember to slow down and lean into the gratitude that this season brings.

Take a few minutes (or maybe even an hour) and focus your energy on thanksgiving, on reflection, on the beauty of life in this moment. With our morning gratitude meditation, we’re offering you the time and space to refuel yourself before the holidays come into full view.

Using the power and language of flowers, we find this meditation to be perfect for centering yourself in the morning before you get ready to meet with family, watch the Macy’s parade, or put the turkey in the oven.

We All Need Time for Gratitude

Why should we spend time leaning into gratitude this Thanksgiving? For many, even though Thanksgiving is the time for sharing stories of gratitude and thankfulness for a full and robust year with the ones that you love, the preparation for the day can often feel stressful and rushed.

In the past couple of months, before each of our harvest workshops, we’ve begun with quiet moments, time where each participant can reflect on how their lives have changed in the past year and how they can make beautiful things with strong, focused intention. By starting with mindfulness to prepare us for the time ahead, we’re able to leave the pressures and demands of day-to-day and settle into our creative energy.

Morning Gratitude Meditation



Want to dive further into this meditative gratitude? Interested in making with us at one of our holiday workshops?

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