The Summer Solstice is only a few weeks away and we are feeling some serious summer vibes here in Missoula, MT. To celebrate the glorious season, we’ve shared our favorite early summer Montana greenery with you. You are sure to see these green beauties around town! Scroll down to learn more!

Early Summer Montana Greenery- Our Favorites


We love this evergreen shrub with leathery, paddle-shaped leaves!

Montana greenery Kinnikinnick

Russian Olive

Russian olive, both a shrub or small tree, has linear, silvery leaves that give it an elegant appeal.

Russian Olive

Raspberry Leaves

This deciduous shrub features bright green, lobed leaves.

Montana Greenery Raspberry Leaf

Geranium Leaves

Geranium leaves have large, rounded edges that resemble an oversized clover.

Geranium Leaf

Wild Sage (Artemesia)

We adore this aromatic shrub with silvery foliage.

Wild Sage

Interested in harvesting your own local Montana greenery? Visit our blog post Montana Wildflowers & Ethical Harvesting, where we share some tips to ethically harvest them!