Why do we wear folk flower crowns? The tradition of wearing flower crowns has been a past time in cultures around the world. Flower Crowns are especially popular in present day as to wear at a festival, a way to symbolize femininity, beauty and to add a special touch to a celebration. We are partnering with the Missoula Roots Festival and the Chamber of Commerce to offer two DIY  Flower Crown Workshops to kick off back to school and Fall in Missoula!


Read how flower crowns relate to the folk tradition and why you should rock one at the next music festival you attend!


Ancient Greece

Flower crowns  were initially worn in Ancient Greece to honor the Gods and to pay tribute to warriors in battle. The Laurel leaf flower crown was especially popular at this time.


Here is our interpretation of the the Greek Laurel Flower crown, instead made with local olive branches and dried flowers on our Greek friend Becca.

women wearing a dried flower crown made in Montana


Medieval Period

Flower crowns were then reintroduced in the Medieval period by the Pagan tradition which directly ties to our modern day tradition of wearing crowns at music and art festivals.At modern day medieval festivals you can often find flower crowns to galavant around in. However, pagan folks that wore crowns during ceremonies to honor the earth were often condemned as a this was viewed as a form of blasphemy by the church.


Below is a photo of a model for Purse for the People (link-  https://purseforthepeople.com/) wearing our interpretation of a Medieval dried flower crown.




To us, this is the Ukrainian flower crown is most relevant type of flower crown to make for the Missoula Folk Fest! Ukrainian flower crowns were worn at cultural festivals and celebrations as well as weddings. They were worn as a part of traditional folk attire and known as Vinok. Envision beautiful Ukrainian women in long flowy skirts and large flower crown headpieces while you get ready for the folk fest.


Here is our interpretation of a Ukrainian folk flower crown work by our friend Jess in anticipation of her now 1 year old daughter Ixchel.




Flower crowns were eventually brought into style in the United States during the Hippie era as a way to symbolize “peace and love”. Hippies would adorn themselves with flowers at music festivals and wedding ceremonies.


Beautiful momma and sister-to-be wear 60’s style dresses to honor their latest arrival.

Modern Day

Since the Hippie Era, flower crowns have continued to be worn by brides at weddings and to celebrate life’s occasions such a newborn baby, a music or arts festival or for a bachelorette party. With so many different fashion tastes in modern day society, it is easy to create a unique flower crown to compliment your unique style or special occasion. Go as over-the-top or as simple as you want to – from oversize dahlias to delicate sprigs of lavender.


Below is a photo of Melissa, owner of Earth Within Flowers, wearing a medium sized Spring Flower Crown taken by Dina Remi Photography.


Missoula Roots Festival 2018

Join us on August 24th or August 25th at the Missoula Chamber of Commerce for our DIY flower crown workshop. We will we’ve together personal and lasting crowns you can rock all Fall/Winter long! Learn more details and register now!


We love flower crowns so much that we are offering our 2019 Brides a Complementary Flower Crown when they book with us, so save the date!