Three Steps to Making a Rejuvenating DIY Flower Arrangement with Zinnia


We are using locally sourced, seasonal blooms for the month of August in Missoula, Montana.

Zinnia promotes energy, childlike playfulness, unconditional love, and joy. They make wonderful flowers to give to anyone who may be struggling with aging, illness, depression, or lack of adventure. We celebrate our inner child with this DIY Flower Arrangement.


Zinnia and assorted flower arrangement from top angle

Let’s Get Started

What You’ll Need:

  • 7 stems eucalyptus
  • 5 stems white yarrow
  • 5 stems of Queen’s Anne’s Lace
  • 7 multi-colored stems of Zinnia
  • 3 peach Dahlia
  • 1 light pink Dahlia
  • 5 burgundy scabiosa
  • 1 large vase filled ⅔ full with water
  • 1 pair of garden shears or sharp scissors


Step 1: Filler

Filler- branching greenery that sets the shape of the bouquet

queen anne's lace, yarrow, and eucalyptus on a table

  • Gather your Eucalyptus, Yarrow and Queen’s Anne’s Lace

eucalyptus on table

  • Strip/ pull the foliage off of the eucalyptus so you have 4-5’ of foliage left at the top. You can use your hands or your garden shears, Set aside 3 stems of Eucalyptus for later use.

yarrow on table

  • Strip all of the foliage off of the yarrow. The yarrow to the left in the photo above is what you are going for.

queen anne's lace on table

  • Strip the Queen’s Anne’s Lace. Get rid of the shorter stems sticking out since these will disappear in the arrangement. Only keep the top flowers and be sure that the stems are long enough to fit in your chosen vase.


  • Snip the bottom of the Eucalyptus, Yarrow and Queen Anne’s Lace at an angle. 

Helpful Tip: *Cutting stems at an angle increases the surface area and allows your foliage/flowers to take up water more easily.  

eucalyptus, yarrow, queen anne's lace in vase

  • Arrange each piece in your vase. Use your intuition as you decide where each piece should go and try not to overthink it!


Step 2: Focal

Focal- flat star-like flowers that fill holes in the filler

echinacea, zinnia, dahlias

  • Gather your Zinnia, Echinacea and Dahlias.
  • Strip your focal flowers so only the flower remains at the top


echinacea, dahlia, eucalyptus, yarrow, queen anne's lace in vase

  • Cut the stems of your focal flowers at an angle and get ready to place in your vase . Place the focal flowers at the same level.


Step 3: Sparkle

Sparkle- unusual flowers that add dimension and shape to the bouquet

scabiosa and eucalyptus

  • Gather your scabiosa and the remaining eucalyptus

echinacea, eucalyptus, yarrow, queen anne's lace, dahlia, scabiosa

  • Add your sparkle where you see fit! It’s beautiful to let it stick out an inch or two above your focal flowers for an extra pop!


Viola! You’ve made a beautiful Zinnia DIY Flower Arrangement in three easy steps.

All that’s left is picking the perfect place for these August flowers to bring liveliness, energy and adventure into your life. Tag @earthwithinflowers in your August DIY flower arrangement, we can’t wait to see your budding talent!


assorted flowers in vase that are seasonal to August

If you like the arrangement but not the DIY, you can always order our August Inner-Child Zinnia arrangement online. Use promo code AUGUSTBLOOM18 at checkout for free flower delivery in Missoula, Montana.


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