Large winter wreath for delivery in Missoula, Montana made with grapevine, sage, cedar and eucalyptus

Winter Wreaths and Slow Living

It’s that time of year again, where time gets a little more precious.  The constant festivities are joyful yet remind us the importance of slowing down and going inwards, reflecting on what truly matters.

The winter solstice and low light makes everything feel a bit more refined, and meaningful. Yet for some reason we feel rushed and pressed to get more and more done. What are you drawn to during these moments, when all you can think about is your to do list yet your heart is telling you to rest? This is when I take to nature, or if it’s too rainy or cold out I go to the flowers in my studio for wisdom, lighting a candle and grounding into my space. Lately, I’ve been cultivating a new ritual… the ritual of giving. Making a meal for a friend, giving someone something hand-made or giving a little of my time to someone else in need. It helps me realize that we are in this together and that my to do list can wait.

In the spirit of giving and in slowing down, we are continuing to celebrate #givingtuesday through the week donating 10% of the sales of our wreaths and dried bouquets to the Missoula Food Bank through Wednesday December 5th. We have local winter-wreaths and bouquets available via our online shop and at meadowsweet herbs. 

View our December Newsletter sharing our upcoming DIY Winter Wreath workshop on Thursday where we will truly slow down and weave the abundance of 2017. We also have exclusive deals alongside talented crafters at the Winter Mercantile at Western Cider on December 16th.

We wish you all a peaceful December, full of giving, love and slow living.