We love using Cedar in a variety of winter decor. Cedar is an aromatic evergreen whose presence evokes the stillness and purification of winter. Its pointed, weeping leaves make it one of our best-loved greeneries.  To honor our spiky foliage friend, we’ve rounded up five ways to spruce up your holiday decor with cedar!

The history of Cedar…

Cedar is a ceremonial and spiritual plant. The branch tips, leaves, bark, oil, and seeds are used across cultures.  For instance, several Native American tribes use cedar as an incense and cleansing herb. It is used in sweat lodge ceremonies and is often included in medicine bundles. Interestingly, it was nicknamed Arbor Vitae, French for Tree of Life, after restoring the health of explorer Jacques Cartier and his men who had scurvy during an expedition in 1536.

Not surprisingly, cedar’s fragrant oils are used in aromatherapy. The plant promotes purification and inhaling the woody aroma of cedar essential oil is said to clear out negative energies and bring positivity.

With all of that said, who couldn’t use a little more cedar in their home!?

Five Ways to Brighten Your Holiday Decor with Cedar

1. Wreaths

Winter Wreath in Missoula, MT

Cedar add’s a wonderful base to any winter wreath. Its firm, yet sweeping branches provide a delicate background to layer other greens, herbs and flowers. We love it’s bright green color. It pairs well with sage, eucalyptus, spruce and colorful dried flowers galore.

2. Lavender & Cedar Bundles

Cedar is a wonderful essential oil for grounding and clarity. These benefits are especially welcome during the holiday season! Burning one of these beautiful bundles fills the home with a purifying and calming scent. This makes cedar perfect for grounding ourselves during this magical- yet hectic- time of year!

3. Dried Arrangements

w/inter decor with cedar

Cedar is a welcome addition to any winter-inspired dried arrangement! Its foliage adds a sweet textural element that contrasts nicely with sage, eucalyptus, lavender, or yarrow.

4. Garlands

Sweeping a simple string of cedar across your dining table, onto your mantle or over art pieces on your wall is an easy way to add a woodsy, festive flair to your holiday decor.

5. Dried Ornaments

Cedar is a lovely backdrop for bright and festive dried ornaments.  Ornaments are a great way to add some holiday cheer to your abode. Cedar adds a cheerful element to an ornament.

Interested in learning how to make your own winter wreath?

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