Planning your Bozeman wedding flowers

Bozeman, Montana is one of the most picturesque locations to get married in the United States. Known for its stunning mountain ranges, gorgeous landscapes, and natural beauty, Bozeman is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic and memorable wedding. When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important aspects is choosing [...]

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5 of the First Montana Wildflowers

Montana is a state that is well-known for its natural beauty, and one of the best ways to experience this beauty is by taking a hike or a walk through the wilderness. One of the most striking sights you can see in Montana during the spring and summer months are the Montana wildflowers that bloom [...]

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3 ways we style flowers at our Missoula Flower Shop

Spring has arrived in Missoula, and with it comes a wide range of stunning flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home or send a beautiful bouquet to a loved one, there are plenty of trending spring floral design styles to choose from at your local Missoula flower [...]

3 ways we style flowers at our Missoula Flower Shop2023-04-08T17:02:44-06:00

How to Design Ranunculus Arrangements

“Ranunculus” - Harry Potter spell or magical flower!? These magnificent blooms are almost too perfect to be real. Even though they have rose-like pattering, these babies pack more petals into their ever-giving blooms. Grown from what is called a “corm” that looks more like mini octopuses than seed, they are unique from the ground up. [...]

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How to keep lilacs lasting longer

Lilacs blooms are a sure sign that summer is on its way. Their intoxicating perfume fills the air on brisk morning dog walks and evening neighborhood jogs. The magic of lilacs is rooted in a beautiful story of love. Pan, the Greek god of the forests was hopefully in love with a beautiful nymph [...]

How to keep lilacs lasting longer2022-05-10T16:04:50-06:00

Best Tulip Varieties to Make A Statement

We love tulips and aren’t alone! Tulips are the 3rd most popular flower in the world.  With over 3,000 registered varieties of tulips, picking the best varieties for arrangements can be overwhelming. Within all the varieties, there are about 15 different groups divided by flower type, size, and blowing period. Here are our favorite [...]

Best Tulip Varieties to Make A Statement2022-04-19T15:46:58-06:00

3 Unique Floral Wedding Arches for 2022

We love floral wedding arches Clients often come to us with big floral dreams, which often include a stunning floral wedding arch. Floral wedding arches provide a stunning backdrop for wedding vows and are the perfect photo op for newlyweds on their big day.   Just like with other wedding flowers, a couple's wedding arch [...]

3 Unique Floral Wedding Arches for 20222022-03-15T17:29:03-06:00

5 Things to Consider when Choosing Your Wedding Florist

Who should be your wedding florist? Choosing your wedding florst is a huge decision for any couple looking to tie the knot. Do you want bright, bold, tropical wedding flowers? Are you looking for something more moody? Or maybe, you'd like a timeless, natural look? Your florist's design is important, of course, but your [...]

5 Things to Consider when Choosing Your Wedding Florist2022-03-02T11:20:55-07:00

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Floral Magic

Celebrate a Sustainable Valentine's Day in 2022 At Earth Within Flowers, we love the floral magic of Valentine's Day. Indulging in the language of flowers is central to our floristry practice and we love seeing everyone use this special language to share their love and adoration. You can use sustainable flowers and herbs to say [...]

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Floral Magic2022-02-09T11:54:39-07:00

Summer Wedding Moodboard for your Wedding Florals

Find inspiration in the details, too. | Pinecone Photography Everyone wants an event that's uniquely them. We want to distinguish our weddings from others by infusing our own personal style into the design. Wedding flowers are an important part of the big day and often help set the tone of the event. Creating [...]

Summer Wedding Moodboard for your Wedding Florals2022-02-05T13:52:52-07:00


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