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Offering the local community an earth friendly alternative to flower sourcing through artful arrangements and education.

Meet Melissa Emily Lafontaine,

Creator of Earth Within in Missoula, MTMelissa Lafontaine owner of Earth Within Flowers, Montana Destination wedding flowers, North West Montana Wedding Flowers

The name earthwithin rooted from Melissa’s  earth necklaces, that encourage others to carry tiny pieces of earth with them as a symbol of our inherent connection to nature at all times.  Melissa’s  value for earth friendly farm practices rooted from her work in agrarian communities in Southern Madagascar committed to the restoration of forest corridors through alternative agricultural practices. She also was impacted by her involvement with urban farms and the local food and flower movement in Vancouver, New York and most recently, Missoula, Montana.

Melissa completed a certificate in urban agriculture at Brooklyn Farmyards , an urban  flower and vegetable farm, in 2013 where she discovered ways to give back to the earth through ecologically friendly growing practices. In Brooklyn, she discovered the slow flower movement, where local farmers benefit from adding flowers as a cash crop and local community members celebrate with blooms that compliment their natural environment. Since graduation, Melissa has led workshops on soil,  bio-intensive growing and the importance of flowers and natives on farmland. For 3 seasons, her love and expertise for creatively arranging flowers blossomed during her time as a floral designer at Molly Oliver Flowers.

When Melissa relocated to Missoula, Montana in 2014 for Graduate school Earth Within Flowers was born! Despite, the challenges of shorter growing season she was thrilled that it is still possible to source flowers from local and regional farmers during the summer months and design with dried flowers in the winter and early spring.

Please check in on the Blog for recent writings about the wonders of flowers as medicine, therapy, and the ever-growing Montana Flower collective .