1/22 7:30- 9pm DIY Wassail Flower Crown Workshop


Tuesday, January 22nd from 5:30-7pm at Western Cider 

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Get ready for Western Cider’s Wassail celebration by weaving together an elegant, winter-inspired crown in this informative workshop led by Melissa Lafontaine of Earth Within Flowers. Melissa Lafontaine will guide you on how to incorporate local winter foliage and locally sourced dried flowers and herbs into a folk floral crown. As we create, we will discuss the many cultural uses and traditions of adorning yourself with flower crowns.

This workshop is a part of Western Cider’s Wassail Workshop Series. On February 9th, Western Cider hosts their second WASSAIL, a traditional orchard-based celebration to raise the winter spirit of the community. The purpose of this ritual is to insure a bounty of apples for the coming season. In the spirit of participation, everyone is encouraged to attend the festivities in Old World costumes. The festivities will include costumed pageantry, theater, music, and drinking around fires in their outdoor cider garden. This is a unique event comparable to none.

If you are unable to make it to our workshop, please visit our blog History of the Folk Flower Crown to learn more about the long-standing tradition of wearing flower crowns.