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Missoula Floral Design ||  Earth-Friendly Floral Design Workshop on February 11th at MUD

Earth Within is a new Eco- conscious Floral Design business based in Missoula, Montana that hopes to offer the local community a socially sustainable and earth-friendly alternative to flower sourcing through artful arrangements and education. Our work will benefit local farmers in the community as a market for their flowers and encourage more farmers to grow flowers. Additionally, the education component of our business hopes to shift our main-stream flower culture from one that purchases flowers from un-known sources that are often out of season and produced in S. America to one that values local, seasonal varieties. 

Here in Missoula, Montana; there is a active community behind environmental awareness and a thriving local food system. Everywhere you turn there’s  a environmental campaign or event taking place that reflects on what we can do as a community to change our current system that’s jeopardizing our natural habitat and community economy. MUD is organization that fits into this category but in more of a hands on, grassroots-oriented manner similar to Earth Within. MUD exists to create a replicable model of urban sustainable living through educationdemonstration, and celebration in the Missoula community. We are partnering to offer a Earth-Friendly Floral Design Winter Workshop on February 11th at from 5:30-7PM at the ButterCup Cafe and Market. In this workshop participants will…

  • Get acquainted with the dimensions of ecologically principled floral design
  • Explore resilient flora-culture v. mainstream mass market flora-businesses
  • Learn the components of the slow-flower movement in Montana and the Northwest 
  • Create 2 winter-time local foliage and dried flower bouquets just in time for Valentine’s Day!    

To register for the Workshop visit MUD’s website