In Celebration of International Women’s Day

Human society has a deep tradition of using flowers to honor and adorn women and accentuate their feminine power. However, this tradition has been lost over the years due to industrial patriarchal societal ideals and the separation of nature and society. Read on as we touch on the history of flowers and flower crowing related to the feminine. We believe that in order to heal nature and re- connect to the natural cadences that lie within, especially related to the feminine, we must honor and love ourselves first by embracing our feminine nature. The feminine represents birth, renewal, healing, partnership, and health. A beautiful way to connect to these attributes is to connect with flowers and herbs found in our local environment while weaving a divine crown that represents your natural beauty and feminine wisdom.

woman wearing dried flower crowns

Here are several ways that flower crowns connect to history and biology:

The History of Flower Crowns

Ancient Greeks often wore flower crowns in ceremonies, when honoring the gods. The god Apollo is often depicted wearing a crown of laurel branches as a token of his love and devotion to the goddess Daphne. (1) Farther east, Ukrainian and Chinese societies have long traditions of wearing flower crowns at weddings, and reinforcing the flower crown as a symbol of fertility, love, and celebration through history and across the globe. (2) As history moved into the medieval period women wearing flower crowns in appreciation of the earth were persecuted as witches or pagans limiting the freedom of women to safely commune with flowers. As “witch trials” lost their significance, industrial society and patriarchy took precedence, and the tradition of crowning and connecting with flowers and plants has been mostly forgotten.

woman wearing a dried flower crown made in Montana

Flower Biology and the Feminine

Taking a more scientific perspective, the tradition of recognizing the deep connection between femininity and flowers draws on flower biology and expression. Flowers and women mirror feminine biology and the growth and change of reproduction. After pollination, a seedpod swells from within the beautiful petals of a flower (the womb) creating a seed through which that flower will be born anew. Flowers represent life, much like women do.

mother and child flower crowns


Creating and wearing a flower crown is a powerful earth-based meditation and provides connection to the 7th Chakra of the body. The chakras are a yogic approach of viewing the body and it’s energy channels. The seven chakras are wheels of energy rooted in different parts of the body and honored in the practices of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. (3) The 7th chakra of enlightenment connects us to our higher selves, our intuition, and the divine. The seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head and symbolized by a thousand-petal lotus flower.

woman in circle wearing flower crowns

Photos captured by the lovely Ashley Caitlin Photography 

Please join us at the Western Cider Thursday March 8th from 5-8pm to make a DIY flower crown in celebration of International Women and GIRLS day!

Femininity and Flower Crowns